Molly Reed, Artist

I have loved drawing since I was very young and have always been intrigued by faces. I enjoy portrait drawing and especially capturing a special look or expression on a person's face . . .   

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well...

Psalm 139:14 A Psalm of David   (New International Version)

Collage Portrait Drawing, 2001, charcoal (pictured from left to right) My nephew, Andrew, niece Grace and nephew Max.

I graduated from college in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in Art Education and an Associate degree in Visual Arts. 

In 2006, I began snapping pictures of beautiful sunsets in my backyard, and came to realize I had a new found passion -- capturing beautiful scenes that would only last a moment.

Now in my travels, I am discovering even more incredible scenes beyond my back yard...

The Good Lord paints them in the sky for us to see and it's amazing... I've been completely blown away by His masterpieces...


   Backyard Sunset 2007


My Mom, brother & I with Wingate Hotel Drawings, 2010


I am so blessed to have my drawings in every room at the Wingate Hotel (across from O'Charley's & Target Shopping Center.) It is truly an honor and a dream come true for me ...

Wingate Hotel Drawings

Magnificent Endurance
(A tree that weathered by Hurricane Katrina)

Cajun Swamp House

Bird Reflection

Atchafalya Swamp Sunrise

I-10 Sunset

Portfolio of Misc Commissioned Artwork

Jesus Oil Painting, 2001

Commissioned Art for Broussard Family,
UT Collage Painting, 2006

Commissioned Tree Drawing for Roxanne Leon, 
Pencil/Color Pencil on Canvas, 2013 

Dolphin Scene, Charcoal & Graphite Pencil, 1995

Portrait of Jimi Hendrix, for my brother, Jake,
Mixture of charcoal & paint, 2001

Drawing of my sweet cousin, Sarah
Pastel Chalk, 2006

Commissioned Art by Nocilla Family,
Bird Wall 2007

My Rendition of Rembrandt's
"The Return of the Prodigal Son"  Oil, 2001

Portrait of Cat for my brother in law Mike,
Charcoal pastels, 2001

Commissioned Art for Bolwahnn Family,
Plantation House Drawing, Graphite pencil, 2007

Commissioned Art for The Jeremy Gormly Family,
Memphis Restaurant Drawing, Graphite pencil and pencil colors, 2014

Commissioned Art for Heather Burton,
French Bulldog, Oil, 2008

Commissioned Art for Lejeune Family,
Hunan Inn Drawing, Graphite pencil, 2007

Dragonfly Art Commissioned by Laura Miers,
Colored Pencil, 2002

Commissioned Art for Rodericks Family,
 Painting on Canvas for Baby Alexis, 2009

Commissioned Art by Sarah Bannon,
Ballerina Picture, Pastel chalk, 2009

Horse Sunset Painting for my
Brother in Law, Jared, Acrylic, 2009

Birthday Cake for my Niece -
A Collaborative Piece between my sister and I.
My sister baked the cake and
I drew the princess!  2009

Winter Scene, Oil Pastels on Paper, 2002

Christmas Yard Mural, 2007


Commissioned Art for my dear Father in Law,       Donald Reed
Mary & Baby Jesus
Oil on Wood, 2001

Commissioned Art for my dear Father in Law,       Donald Reed, who I greatly love & miss.
Jesus the Shepherd 
Oil & Acrylic, 2001







Disney Wall, Charcoal, 1995

Misc College Paintings (Still Life, Fantasy &  Abstract)

Abstract Pastel Piece done for Church Girls Conference

Collage Poster commissioned for the Louisiana Garden Club

My Babies, Greta & Barkley, Christmas Card

Barkley looking out at Sunset

Mom and I posing with Kneeling Santa Christmas Door for contest at work, 2008

Christmas Mural commissioned by my Parents, 2008 

Commissioned Christmas gift for my parents, 2016

Commissioned Drawing for Samantha Broussard, 2016

Lately, I've found myself painting Fleur de lis on clothing, and also ceramic tile coasters :)...


Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
Jan 4th, 2010 My wonderful friend Kacie is having a Grand Opening for her new shop - KC's Corner (4118 Maplewood Dr. in Sulphur). Her specialties are Screenprinting, rhinestone glamour, & monogramming. I have a Sunset Scripture Art Booth along with my Celebrity Portraits in her shop. Come by and visit! 
April 9th, 2010    Art Walk, downtown L.C.
My Art will be in Mullers Building
May 1st, 2010   8am-4pm Church of New Beginnings 1st Annual Vendor Fair held in the Maplewood 1st Baptist gymnasium.  

Oct 15-16, 2010
 9am-5pm  St. Luke Simpson United Methodist Church Country Club Art & Craft Show

**Links: **

Below is a link to a very talented artist friend.
Her name is Peggy Borel and her art is AMAZING...
Check out her website below :) 

Peggy and I sharing a booth at the Kiwanis Art & Craft Show 2009


Below is a link to a website showing the incredible, whimsical and inspirational artwork by my wonderful friend Shontal . . . Check it out!

For God's Pleasure Paintings by Shontal Joy LeJune